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Media: Blu-Ray Disc

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Blu-Ray Disc  25GB / 50GB capacity
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Verbatim 25 GB Blu-ray Disc with case 10pk box 6x
Ritek BLU-RAY BD-R DL 50GB 25 Pack, 1-4x Recordabl...
Verbatim 25GB Blu-ray Disc with Case  6x ,
50GB TDK 4x Speed BD-R Blu-ray Double Layer Record...
Verbatim Blu-Ray 25GB 25Pk Spindle White Wide Inkjet 6x : 43738Key Features :6x RecordingWide Inkjet for edge to edge printingSupported by Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, SamsungRecordable format for HDTV recording and PC data storage Utilises a blue-violet laser to read and write data allowing for more data storage on a disc with the same size as a... more
[BRAND] Verbatim[MPN#] 43738
Kodak 25GB Kodak Blu-ray BD-R 2x Speed
[BRAND] Kodak[MPN#] 580164
Shintaro BD-R Blu-ray 25GB 4X IJ single layer jewe...
Ritek 25GB BD-R 1-6x Injet White Printable - 25 Sp...
Ritek BLU-RAY BD-R DL 50GB 10 Pack, 1-4x Recordabl...
BLU-RAY BD-R DL 50GB 10 Pack, 1-4x Recordable Inkjet white
Ritek 25GB BD-R 1-6x Injet White Printable - 10 Sp...
Ritek Ridata Blu-ray Media Disc (BD-R Disc) 6X 25GB White Inkjet Hub Printable BDR Media Discs (BDR-256-RDIWN-CB25) Single Layer Write Once in 25 Pack Cake Box
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