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Terms and conditions

When you order goods from our website, you understand and agree to be bound by our terms and conditions of sale. If you do not agree with our terms written below please do not use this site.


Orders placed through our website are subject to verification and acceptance by Australia Computer Online. Without prior notice or warning Australia Computer Online may change its published prices on this website at any time and we accept no liability for their variants and changes. While every effort is made to make sure the accuracy of prices and information is correct, Australia Computer Online reserves the right to accept or reject your offer for any reason. including without limitation, the unavailability of any product, an error in the price or the product description posted on this site, or an error in your order. We may require additional verification or information before accepting any order.


We will do our best to make sure your goods arrive in good condition and a timely manner.

Australia Computer Online’s delivery agent will deliver the goods you order to the address you specify in your order, within the agreed time frame and subject to their availability. If we find that the goods are not available we will give notice soon after we are aware of this matter. Delivery agents can only deliver to the address you have specified within their agreed time frame. Any person who receives the goods delivered or couriered to your designated delivery address will be presumed to be authorised person to receive them. If there is no one at the delivery address to receive or pay for the goods ordered, the courier or agent may recharge you additional delivery fees to redeliver the goods again.

  • Damage in transit: If you find that your good have arrived in damaged condition, (check the delivered boxes for signs of mishandling or damage in transit) do not accept or sign for these goods and contact us immediately.
  • Lost in transit: If items we have sent become lost due to a shipping error, ACO will either send you the same goods again at our expense, or issue a full refund (Including freight). Either method will be processed after we receive a lost shipment confirmation from the courier company which was used for sending your goods. This confirmation process usually takes about 12~21 working days - in most of cases however, this happens due to the goods being sent to the wrong address, and the unfortunately takes some time for the courier company to trace its location.


When you make your order you agree to make full payments for the goods you have ordered including delivery and handling charges specified on Australia Computer Online’s website. We cannot release or send ordered goods (except COD) until the payment process is finalised and complete, please contact us if you are having trouble with your payment.


Prices and ranges available on our website may differ to our Shop. Australia Computer Online makes every effort to keep our product pictures and specifications up-to-date. However, our picture or description of the goods may differ from the actual goods we sell and stock in our store. We accept no liability or accountability for this variation as this is normally due to conditions that are out of our control


Until we receive full payment of the goods you have ordered, their rightful ownership will remain with Australia Computer Online. Full liability, risks and dangers becomes the rightful owners on their completed delivery.


Special Orders: If we make an order on your behalf for a special product a refund or exchange cannot be obtained. This will be made clear to you by our staff member when ordering and marked clearly on your invoice.

For standard stock orders we provide a refund, credit or exchange if the product is:

  • Dead on arrival, Damaged in transit or Incorrectly Shipped in its original packing within 14 days of the shipped date.
    Dead on arrive condition is according manufacturer’s standard. Such as notebook computers or LCD monitors: some models are 0 dead pixel guarantees, but some models are more than 6 pixels belong to dead on arrive.
    If you return a product because it is DOA (dead on arrival) but we find that the product is in full working condition or any defects or damage were caused after you took receipt of the product, it will be returned to you. We will send the goods back to you via COD standard postal charges will be payable at the receiving end.
  • Unopened product except OEM software in its original, unopened and undamaged packaging within 14 days of the shipped date.
    A restocking fee of 8%-15% may apply on the following products:
      Digital cameras, Notebook computers and Projectors. as their prices change rapidly.
      Products with valued over AU$2000 are usually order by request.
    You will need to package and address the product for return. We will not pay nor reimburse any costs associated with a customer-initiated return of unopened product. a credit will be issued for the original purchase price of the product less any associated freight costs .

    OEM Software may not be refunded, due to the exposed license key on the exterior of the product.

Incompatible product except headset, earphone etc A in-compatible product in its all original comes with and/or package within 14 days off shipped date. We can provide you credit or exchange, a fee may be applied on it.
Refund for incompatible product may be rejected or fees may be applied.

Goods must be received before Refund/Exchange.

Australia Computer Online reserves the right to reject refund/credit/exchange of any product that is returned without all accessories and/or documentation, has been misused, or is not accompanied by the original invoice or other proof of purchase

All the other products returns will be subject to standard Warranty Returns, which forms part of this terms and conditions. .

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