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Power Cables  For computer, motherboard, graphic cards and fan
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4-pin Molex to PCI-E 8pin Power Cable Adapter for ...

Converts molex 4-pin power to PCI-E 8-pin power for graphic card
>300+ sold
Molex to 6 pin video card Power Converter

Dual molex 4-pin power to graphic card 6-pin power
>300+ sold
6-Pin PCI Express Female to 8-Pin PCI Express Male...

Converts dual molex power to PCI-E 8-pin power for graphic cards. For graphic card requiring 8-pin power cable but computer power supplier only 6-pin PCI-E power available
>300+ sold
Molex to Sata Power Converter

From 4 pin molex to standard SATA power cable
>300+ sold
SATA (Male) to 2x Molex (Female) Power Cable / Con...

Converts SATA power to 2 of Molex 4-pin power.
For computer power supplier has more SATA power connectors but not enough Molex connector
>300+ sold
Dual SATA to 8 (6+2) pin Power Cable Adapter for P...

Provides 8 (6+2) pins power from dual SATA power. suitable for 6 or 8 pin graphics card power socket
>300+ sold
4 Pin Molex Female to 2 Molex, Y Cable Power Split...

Suitable for all ATX power supplies.
Splits one molex connector into two.
>200+ sold
Multi Power Supply Relay Link Board, Dual PSU Swit...

Multi ATX computer PSU controlled by one switch, turn on all linked PSU by one switch. For crypto-currency mining
>200+ sold
4-Pin FAN Splitter 1 to 2 for CPU & Motherboar...
[MPN#] 4PIN-FAN-1-2
4-pin connector is fully automatic FAN speed control via your mainboard (4-pin supporting speed measurement and temperature control for PWM fan; 3-pin supporting temperature... more
>50+ sold
SATA to 3x Computer 4-Pin Case Fan Connector, [W-S...
[MPN#] W-SATA-13
2-pin power inside the 4-pin socket. Works with 4 / 3 / 2 pin computer case fans. Total length about 30cm
>50+ sold
Converter: ATX 4 pin molex to P4 12v Power Adapter

Suitable for older ATX PSU which don't have the extra P4 12V power connector.
SATA Power Cable Splitter Y-Cable

SATA power cable 1-in (male) to 2-out (female). Roughly 19cm long.
Car Dash Cam HardWire kit 12V / 24V to 5V mini USB...

Getting 5V DC to your Dash Cam from 12V/24V battery of your car
4 Pin IDE Molex to 2 SATA Power Cable Splitter Ada...

Converts 1x Molex (4-pin) plug into 2x SATA (15-pin) power connectors.
Video Card Power Extension Y Cable, [DZ-8P+2P*2], ...
[MPN#] DZ-8P+2P*2
8-pin female to 2 of 6+2pin male connectors. suitable for both 8 or 6pin graphic card. Total length about 22cm.
1.5M IEC Wall to PC oem

Suitable for towers/desktops and
Power Cable: 30CM UPS IEC Male(PC) To AUSTRALIAN 3...
[MPN#] CB-PS-33
Ideal for connecting a standard powerboard to a UPS etc. • SAA approved • 150mm long
1.2M wall to C7 Figure 8 2PIN for AC Adapter and P...

Power cord to connect from wall to AC adapter for the laptop. Suitable for most laptops.
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IEC 5M Wall to PC

Suitable for towers/desktops and
1.5M IEC Wall to PC with 2 heads IEC c13 power cab...

Power two standard PC devices with one mains outlet, It is 90cm long between 2 head
1.8M IEC power Extension Male to Female

Output power cable for UPS and some older PC systems.
1.8M IEC-C19 Power Cable 15A/250V
[MPN#] CB-PS-58
Specialist power cord for high end power supply units.
ATX power supply motherboard 24 (20+4) pin extensi...

18AWG pure copper wire, 24-pin female to 20+4pin male, total length 32cm. motherboard ATX power cable extension, suitable for both 20 or 24 pins ATX connector.
*Doesn't include Modem/Netwotking/Keyboard/Mouse cables, to find them, please go to their own category
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