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Power Cables  For computer, motherboard, graphic cards and fan
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4-pin Molex to PCI-E 8pin Power Cable Adapter for ...

Converts molex 4-pin power to PCI-E 8-pin power for graphic card
>300+ sold
Molex to 6 pin video card Power Converter

Dual molex 4-pin power to graphic card 6-pin power
>300+ sold
6-Pin PCI Express Female to 8-Pin PCI Express Male...

Converts dual molex power to PCI-E 8-pin power for graphic cards. For graphic card requiring 8-pin power cable but computer power supplier only 6-pin PCI-E power available
>300+ sold
Molex to Sata Power Converter

From 4 pin molex to standard SATA power cable
>300+ sold
SATA (Male) to 2x Molex (Female) Power Cable / Con...

Converts SATA power to 2 of Molex 4-pin power.
For computer power supplier has more SATA power connectors but not enough Molex connector
>300+ sold
4 Pin Molex Female to 2 Molex, Y Cable Power Split...

Suitable for all ATX power supplies.
Splits one molex connector into two.
>300+ sold
Dual SATA to 8 (6+2) pin Power Cable Adapter for P...

Provides 8 (6+2) pins power from dual SATA power. suitable for 6 or 8 pin graphics card power socket
>200+ sold
Multi Power Supply Relay Link Board, Dual PSU Swit...

Multi ATX computer PSU controlled by one switch, turn on all linked PSU by one switch. For crypto-currency mining
>100+ sold
4 Pin IDE Molex to 2 SATA Power Cable Splitter Ada...

Converts 1x Molex (4-pin) plug into 2x SATA (15-pin) power connectors.
SATA Power Cable Splitter Y-Cable

SATA power cable 1-in (male) to 2-out (female). Roughly 19cm long.
SATA to 3x Computer 4-Pin Case Fan Connector, [W-S...
[MPN#] W-SATA-13
2-pin power inside the 4-pin socket. Works with 4 / 3 / 2 pin computer case fans. Total length about 30cm

20cm SATA power splitter cable. 90 or 270 degree right angle, please specfy which angle you need when you ordering
1.5M Clover Leaf 3 pin C5 power cable

For laptop power supplies.
1.5M IEC Wall to PC oem

Suitable for towers/desktops and
Power Cable: 30CM UPS IEC Male(PC) To AUSTRALIAN 3...
[MPN#] CB-PS-33
Ideal for connecting a standard powerboard to a UPS etc. • SAA approved • 150mm long
1.2M wall to C7 Figure 8 2PIN for AC Adapter and P...

Power cord to connect from wall to AC adapter for the laptop. Suitable for most laptops.
Converter: ATX 4 pin molex to P4 12v Power Adapter

Suitable for older ATX PSU which don't have the extra P4 12V power connector.
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IEC 5M Wall to PC

Suitable for towers/desktops and
1.5M IEC Wall to PC with 2 heads IEC c13 power cab...

Power two standard PC devices with one mains outlet, It is 90cm long between 2 head
1.8M IEC power Extension Male to Female

Output power cable for UPS and some older PC systems.
1.8M IEC-C19 Power Cable 15A/250V
[MPN#] CB-PS-58
Specialist power cord for high end power supply units.
*Doesn't include Modem/Netwotking/Keyboard/Mouse cables, to find them, please go to their own category
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